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Home Remedies – The Answer

The care for the human health is an action that endures our whole life and it requires attention each and every day. Off course, none of us can go to a doctor for advices every day (that’s why we have internet, although it’s not recommended to believe in everything you read online), neither time or trust to take medicines for every little issue. But, everyone can learn some of the secrets of the home remedies that can be helpful in many different occasions. You would be surprised when you find out that there are many easy, simple and fast ways to help yourself without doctors or medicines. home-remediesAll you have to do is to learn and try – you can’t lose anything except a little bit of your time that actually can be far shorter than the one that you would spend visiting your doctor. Many people had the chance to learn something of the „grandma’s laboratory“, those who did not have this magical opportunity can always find thousands of „grandmas“ in the realm of His Majesty, Internet.

Solutions for small health problems

There are many home remedies that work in a ways that probably you could not even imagine. In the continuation, we will see some of those that are affordable and very easy to get or prepare and can be used in a dealing with problems that are small, but unpleasant. The alcoholic beverage Rakia which is typical for the countries from the Balkan can help among other many things, with the foot-smell problem (the people from whole Balkan believe that drinking one small shots of Rakia can actually continue the life). You can also use vodka for this problem. One very simple and unusual solution that you can try when you have headache is to put a pen or pencil between your jaws (it helps the muscles of the face relax). The oat kernels can help you with the problems of damaged skin, sunburns and itching. You can use the olives if you have difficulties during your traveling (simple, you just eat them before you go). If you can’t stop hiccup, just take one or two spoons of sugar and it will magically disappear. The honey can be helpful with the burns, slashes and the acne. Maybe it looks unbelievable, but the yoghurt can help you if you have problem with smelly breath (the avocado, the guava, the parsley, the fresh juices can be used for the same purpose).

The magic that the nettle has

The magic power of the home remedies comes from the fact that many times they can help you in many cases when the medicines or cosmetic products are useless. Sometimes you really should not experiment with your health and visit your doctor soon as possible, but other times it is really worth to try something on your own. One of the biggest problems that is strongly related to the physical and the psychic human health is the hair loss and it can affect both men and women. The nettle can make miracle in this case. There are many types of using the nettle, the following one is really easy to make: take 100 g of fresh or prune nettle and put it in 5 liters of water. Let the the water on a quit fire till it will boil. After that, it should stay few minutes and you can wash your hair – the regular using gives your hair health look and beautiful exuberance, it also can be prevention of hair loss. Other way of using the nettle is to put 100 g in 1 litar of 75 % alcohol, let it stay 8 days under the sun influence, than you drain it in other clean bottle and apply few drops of ricinus oil. After this process is over, you massage the root of your hair every second day. Many others home remedies combine the nettle with garlic, salvia officinalis, budrock oil and the most important thing is that using the nettle cannot cause additional damages to your hair.

Worth giving a try

Even if they cannot always help, the home remedies are worth to give them a chance – in worst case you will lose just a little bit of your time, but in opposite, they really can bring you back the joy of the beauty and life! So, do not think twice before you open the grandma’s laboratory!